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Cash slaves, Home work slaves, Slaves to work for me, Teamviewer, Hypnosis/Brainwashing


Straight as a die, but with a penchant for physical and emotional control that transcends sexual interest. I believe in a natural hierarchy of things. A hierarchy of respect, of power – of the righteous offering of lifeblood from those on the ground to their betters at the top. As the pig exists to offer the fat from its back to the farmer or a fawn the meat at its neck to the wolf, it is a faggot’s natural place to give and a man’s to take, with a firm hand when needed. Not here to play games, act a part, or fuck around. I know my place, I expect you to know yours. Been off the scene for a couple years concentrating on a couple long term slaves. Back to scratch an itch.

Traveller, fighter, biker, intellectual. Don’t approach me expecting anything sexual to be reciprocated: I’m straight, not “straight”.

What are you into

Draining cash, control in all forms. Largely prefer establishing long term ownership with few who I can give more time to taking complete control over but I’m always up for the quick take. I have a knack for digging my way into people’s heads, finding out what makes them tick, using it to my advantage, and colonising their minds. Don’t tell me you want long term ownership without being sure, when I taste blood I bite down.



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Paypal, Bank deposit, Cash in person, Other