Frequently Asked Questions
If you still need help after reading this page, contact Master Ashton ADMIN.
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How do I add pictures to my profile

You can either click gallery in the very top menu, when viewed on desktop. Or under the profile menu there will be a link called upload pictures to profile gallery.

Can you help me get slaves to pay?

This site was created for those into the findom scene and know it works. Those who belong in the scene will be able to get slaves to pay with ease. I get there is some Masters that have only done real time stuff and are new to the online thing, and might have trouble using the internet.
I can help you get your name out there, and teach you the best way to share pictures/videos to get the most eyes on your content. If you would like me to help you, it will cost you $100 USD. Contact me on this site, if you are interested.

This slave never pays me, can you ban him.

There is always going to be dipshit slaves that never pay anyone. But there is also slaves that only pay some people. Not all fags are rich. If there is a slave playing games with you promising payment and never coming through with it. Message me, ill check to see if they have paid anyone else. If the slave has no paid anyone on the site, I will remove them. But if they have paid other people, they are welcome to stay.

This Master is using fake pictures

Report the Masters profile to me, I will look into it. If it is fake, I will remove them.

How do I send or receive payments on submit2me.

Everything to do with sending or receiving cash is done outside of this website. Submit2me is only meant for slaves and Masters to find each other.

How do I delete my account

Go into your profile settings then click the =+ icon. You will then see the option to delete account.

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