On submit2me promotion is pretty much just a way to advertise your self. This is mainly meant for Masters. Although faggots can use this feature, IF THEY DO NOT POST NAKED PHOTOS OF THEM SELFS.

If you are a Master when creating a promotion you will obviously add lots of pictures and let the slaves know what services you offer, if you’re into real time, only do webcaming or whatever else you’re into. The more detail and the more intersting you make these the more responses you will get. Do not forget to to include all your contact info in the promotion!

As well as showing up on this site, the promotion will auto get published to my twitter and tumblr accounts which have a couple thousand followers. People from the site are able to share the promotion to their own social networks which then can be shared from there. So if you make a promotion that makes enough people want to share it you have a great chance of going viral! This is a great way to get known to potential cash fags. A picture is worth a thousands words… so a video must be worth a thousand pictures. Very easy to imbed youtube videos into your promotions, and youtube it self is a great way to get your self out there!

Promotions made to be found to have fake pictures or people offering services and not following through will be terminated and the user removed from the site. Faggots are deff scum of the earth, but we all have to play fair to make this site work. If there is dodgy cunts on here, no fags will want to come back, and without fags there goes the fagcash.

As for faggots, you are welcome to make promotions letting Masters know what you are looking for. But you have to make these interesting in order to get them approved. Simply saying looking for hot stud to pay with no pictures or anything will not get published. Post pictures of your self, tell your story of why you are in this scene what you are looking for. Make it interesting and it will get published and you will get more hits from legit Masters.

This is a socialnetwork for Masters and Cashfags. Not a porn site. People who post naked photos will be removed. Masters are welcome to post pictures in their jocks if they wish to show off, but no dick pictures.

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