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Cash Slave


I am a 30yo chastity faggot looking for a sadistic Alpha to blackmail me into long term chastity. I am truly inferior and NEVER deserve to cum again.

My fantasy is to send my chastity keys to a hot Alpha who then makes me tribute for months on end just so He doesn’t flush the chastity keys down the toilet. If I’ve been a good faggot, maybe He’s reward me be allowing me to buy His dirty jockstraps or bottles of His piss, knowing that I’ll just be getting hornier and more desperate to please Him. I’d be saving up for months in the hopes for an in-person meet so that I might be able to convince Him to unlock me, but when I finally do, He slaps me around, spits in my face, and kicks me in the nuts until I stop complaining about how horny I am. I then have to lick His boots and apologize for being such an annoying faggot, and beg Him not to flush the keys down the toilet and to keep my useless faggot dicklet locked away.

Some tips on controlling me:
– By holding the keys to my chastity, you literally have me by the balls. You can do nearly anything to me, even kick me in the balls, and I’ll still come crawling back.
– The longer I’m in chastity, the hornier I get, and the more desperate I am to please you.
– I can squirt my pathetic load even while locked in chastity. There never a reason to unlock me.