An invitation to faggots all over the world

As my username suggests i am a cruel bastard of a master. I have no regard for your feelings or your enjoyment. If we meet it will be for my own pleasure. I will use and abuse you and if i feel horny it will be your lucky day because you will kneel before me and take my load in your mouth or bend over and let me ride you like a slut. You will be my property to do what i want with. Of course i am donating my time and work to this and i expect to be rewarded. You will pay me a retainer to be my fag. I except paypal, cash in person, skrill, western union etc. You are invited to apply to be my fag. Send a begging letter and at least one photo to and tell me if you are applying to be an online or cam fag or if you want to meet. Remember fags who meet get my cock inside them.

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