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A Master is not only a figure that you worship. One must be a perfect blend of harsh and benevolent. To better suit the experience to a sub, one must analyze it. Spend time with it. And, by doing so, to create the best experience ever for both parties. It can’t be a one-way road. Don’t get me wrong – you are a small, irrelevant little being. But, by the end of the day, outside of this reality, you are still someone who needs to be taken care of. That’s why you need a guiding star, that you revere, that you look up to and trust blindly, in a way that the rough decisions that you have to face in the real world, become my worry to take care of. You are no longer in control. I relieve you from that burden and, by doing so, I allow you to enter that sweet state of bliss that you’ve dreamed of. It takes time. Trust is not built from one day to another. I will not care about you immediately. But I will care enough to give you a try. Show yourself to be a trustworthy, reliable fag and, a world that you’ve never known it existed might be ahead of you. If you are not, I will simply cast you aside.

I am a rare commodity. I am not meat to every sub. I will not want to have you all. I embrace the ones who understand my world and my vision. And, to those, I will tailor-made the perfect experience.

A Master is only as good as his subs. We can do the sickest draining sessions. I can get inside your mind and twist and bend it. That’s where I feel at ease.

But, in the end, I am your one and only friend.

I am your one-way ticket from reality.

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Fun play. Mind fuck, get inside that little brain of your and mess around with it, like if it was a rag doll, until it poor moneys out of it



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