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Cash slaves, Home work slaves, Slaves to work for me, Abuse/Humiliation


“Come to my inbox to TRIBUTE to me to become my slave/sub forever.” I seek a CASH-slave to own, use, abuse and breed. Make him my faggot slave. Tie him up, gag, blindfold, spank, choke, slap around, verbally degrade, humiliate, make him serve me as his cock-sucking cum-dump whore.

SPECIAL NOTICE: “I Seek Only Real Time” which is based on Sessions Booking/Application. If you want to be my Personal Slave/Sub, which is after you have fill and submitted your Application, booked and had several sessions with me and also been accredited of being worthy of your request. And more importantly, you paying your TRIBUTE first before any further application. Thanks.

What are you into

My BDSM interests: Listed here are some of the fetish activities I engage in as a professional domina. All are ones I enjoy and am experienced in administering. Some personal favorites include:

• Bondage: From a simple bondage position to total encasement.

• CBT: Watching a boy’s reaction as I cause a myriad of sensations is one of my biggest enjoyments.

• Latex: I have a wide selection of latex fetish devices, including an inflatable body bag and straightjacket.

• Foot, Pantyhose & High Heel worship: My pedicured, size 9 feet loved to be sucked, kissed and rubbed. I especially enjoy face smothering with my feet- bare or pantyhosed.

• Discipline: Pity those over my knee as I am a true disciplinarian! My hand is my best implement. I will leave you red-bottomed and begging for more. Your correction will be designed to alert the offending behavior. It will stop only when I, your Chicago Disciplinarian, feel you have learned your lesson.

• Crossdressing & Feminization: I love taking big, strong men and making them my girly bitch. Sissy maids are a fondness.

• Manhandling: Your body is mine! Smothering, Ball stepping and kicking, trampling: All are favorites of mine. As a curvy, muscular woman, I enjoy placing you under me.

• Sadism: If you enjoy being tortured at the hands of a beautiful woman, administering such techniques has become an art form to me.


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Amazon, Bitcoins, Other