James Alex


31 – 49





Member type


Into Financial Domination Only


I am into

Abuse/Humiliation, Exposure


First and foremost I’d describe myself as a naked slutty gay whore!

I’m an exhibitionist and love to get my clothes off! Shoes and socks included! Indoors or out! 😉

I go cruising in the warmer weather completely naked, head to toe!

I cruise alone or with any fully clothed Doms that want to come along and watch me in action or even take control of the situation and whore me out to complete strangers. 

Love risky scenarios. Leaving clothes at another location or even somebody’s house and heading out completely naked in their car! I love the vulnerability of it all!

I’ve been cruising naked since 2011. 

I am up for group stuff, being gangbanged in the woods, etc. 

Solo or group meet!

I find it very horny when other guys stay fully clothed and I’m totally naked! I love CMNM scenes!

Love being massaged, wanked, sucked, rimmed, fucked, tied up, tickle tortured, held down by a group while being fucked and spitroasted. Also love sucking dick!

Also open to other ideas! Really want to try double penetration. 

Also want to try more bondage stuff. Tied up totally naked in dungeons, houses and be subjected to cbt, tt, electro, anal play, tickle torture, edging, etc

I have a hairy chest and arsehole but they can be trimmed or shaved if requested!

If I cruise/message you it’s because I like what I’ve read and seen and I could be right up your street!

I also may not feel worthy enough to message you! It might seem a little bold of a sub boi to message doms. 

We can’t all be everyone’s cup of tea so if I’m not your type, just say. 

Ask me to show my arsehole and make it wink at you too 😉

If you’ve cum while watching any of my xtube videos, please let me know! 😉

What are you into

Sucking clean cock, swallowing cum, being rimmed, fucked. Tied up, tickle torture, CBT (not too heavy), CMNM scenes, outdoors, cruising naked outdoors, Dares, being miles from my clothes, being photographed and filmed.