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Muscle, Cash slaves, Home work slaves, Slaves to work for me, Abuse/Humiliation, Exposure, Blackmail, Teamviewer

  • I have always felt that i had controlling and dominant features about me, then one day i was in a video chat room with a girl and a sissy came in and asked the girl “who has the biggest cock in the chatroom?” she replied instantly “Xplicit” (my name at the time).. As we were playing i was humilating the sissy, making him request things for me and sending me tokens(viseo chat money)..
    I started to enjoy it so much, that i started looking more into it and then eventually after a few weeks i had a handfull of sissies, betas, cuckolds, simps and wimps serving me and paying me in all kinds of platforms for just being an amazing Real Man with a big alpha cock.
    Now i am “MasterXplicit” and looking for more servants.
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Cashslaves, sissies, weak men, simps, cuckold, findom, sph, controlling, mastering, anydesk or team viewer

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Paypal, Amazon, Google, Chaturbate tokens, Bank deposit, Bitcoins, Other