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Muscle, Cash slaves, Slaves to work for me, Abuse/Humiliation, Paying bills, Teamviewer, Hypnosis/Brainwashing


Hello cash pigs and newcomers, happy to see you here. I’m giving you the perfect opportunity to introduce yourselves, show me your worth and we can all have a good time. Bear in mind my valuable time is not to be wasted so don’t test my patience.

Alpha, Islander, Beta-Basher
Men of color, particularly Alpha Men, are on this earth to drain, penetrate, plunder, lead, command, and create. Our societies, institutions, and all we hold are the result of Alphas with the support of those who serve Us. Women, faggots, beta men, they all have a place in the hierarchy based on the strong Patriarchy and power.
Yep, I’ll feed a faggot a load here and there. At the end of the day a hole is a hole. I’ve put a b**y in a woman’s belly. And seriously, if women weren’t such a pain in the ass there wouldn’t be such need for faggots. But… the women are, so there is. The best bet for all of them is to kneel to the Superior Alpha and add pleasure and ease to their lives through service and cash, freeing us up to create and maintain the world they enjoy.
You want to serve fag? You want your disgusting little fucking life to mean something? Then show Sir. Don’t fuck around, no fancy talking, no trying to do something other than pay the fuck up. I fucking hate faggots and have no patience for their bullshit. You think you can serve God then give it a shot, and don’t dick around.

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Abasiophilia Ablutophilia Achluophilia Agathophilia Algolagnia Anasteemaphilia Andromimetophilia Androphilia Antitheses BDSM Brobdingnagians Canoodling Carnal pleasure CBT Cenophilia Chaetophilia Chirophilia CMNM Copulatory vocalisations Corporal punishment Cuckold Deosculation Dianism Doggy style Double penetration Ecdysiasts Ectomorph Enervation (giving) Endomorph Edging Eleutherophilia Epistemophilia Erophilia Exosculation Fingering (2 fingers / 3 fingers / 4 fingers / any combination) Fisting Fornication French kissing Frottage Gang bang Gerontophilia Gymnophilia Hedonophilia Hibernophilia Homophilia Implorers Interracial Intergenerational Juxtaposing Katoptronophilia Kyphophilia Lachanophilia Lateral coital position Mammary intercourse Mesomorph Missionary Moresome Nipple stimulation (giving) Nocturnal penile tumescence Onanism Oneirophilia Orgy Osculation Pelvic thrust Piledriver Pogophilia Postern Prostate massage Punching Pygophilia Pyknic Quadruple penetration Rotund Rusty bike pump Sandwich Scopophilia Scotophilia Sexual continence Slapping Sloppy seconds Sodomy Spit roast Spooning/99 Standing Sthenolagnia T-square Tête-à-tête Triple penetration Tryst Troilism Typhlobasia Urolagnia Urophagia Watersports Worshipping Xenodocheionology Xenoglossophilia Xenophilia Zelophilia 21 3some 4some 369 469 63 83 888


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Paypal, Amazon, Cash through mail, Cash in person, Bitcoins