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Hello, and welcome to your newest addiction!

I am a straight alpha professional who always gets what he wants – a successful, handsome English gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life. I don’t need you or your money, it’s just a fun way for me to exert my control over you. So get ready to dig deep into those pockets to get my attention and impress me with your extravagance.

I have always been a quality over quantity kind of guy with every aspect of my life – and my relationships with my slaves are no different. I am an incredibly well established Master and have had lawyers, doctors, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, investment bankers, hedge fund managers, professors, politicians and even well known ‘celebrities’ serve beneath me. That’s not to say that I only accept professional slaves though – as long as your heart and wallet are in the right place (i.e my fist) then we will get along just fine.

I am spoilt, greedy and will always put my feelings before yours. That’s not to say I won’t care about you, I will just care more about me. So give in to your desires and come and start serving me today.

You can check me out in all my perfection at:
Twitter: @MasterApolloGod
Instagram: MasterApollo
Skype: Master.Apollo

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