United Arab Emirates



Member type


I am into

Muscle, Cash slaves, Home work slaves, Slaves to work for me, Abuse/Humiliation, Exposure, Blackmail, Feet/socks, Chastity, Hypnosis/Brainwashing


Free to visit you on or after March 26th.

Dreamers please avoid texting me!

Any USA based slaves/subs?


1) Who are looking for Dom/Sub long term relationship and willing to help me to relocate to USA? Looking for guy who want to be owned and submit, but still have caring relationship publicly.


2) Alternatively, I could enslave guy for full service 24/7 with some T&C.


About me: I am self sufficient, educated, caring and good looking European living in Dubai. I am sweet faced guy, not chubby, not muscular (working on lean body). Don’t be tricked by my looks, I completely change when time comes.


Asians, twinks, young looking smooth boys to the front!


Also interested into casual shorter/longer sessions.

What are you into

List of interests:


Impact play: Lashing, Slapping, Whipping, Causing pain, Ball busting

Ass play: Fingering, Fisting, Putting objects, Playing with toys


Role play: Master/Slave, Puppy play, Possibly others, but not explored yet


Breath play: Gagging, Choking, but not explored more,

open to earn


Humiliation: Harassment, Verbal (top of the list!!!!), Degradation, Obedience


Worship: blowing, feet, body, ears, nipples,


Group play

Spitting, Pissing, Scat

Tying up


Using toys/equipment/gear while playing

Taking control of your life and fortune


All of those as part of 24/7 or sessions.


List of not exhaustive


Face pics on demand.


Generally no limits, the harder the better. Looking for slim/clean cut, smooth, preferably Asians. Everyone is welcome to contact!


Payment methods used

Paypal, Cash in person, Bitcoins