In Your Thoughts

Member type


I am into

Cash slaves, Home work slaves, Slaves to work for me, Abuse/Humiliation, Exposure, Buying underwear/socks, Chastity


You are daily possessed with thoughts of insignificance and constantly fantasize about serving and pleasing some relentless Dominant man. 

Fantasize no more.

You have met your match. I am controlling and demand accountability. 

You will address me as Dom at all times.

I will not give you the time of day until after you send an initial tribute of at least $50 or more.

You will do as I command and find your rightful place serving under my dominant size 12 feet.

My intention is not to make you broke or homeless, but to create an environment that you have so long desired while keeping you accountable.

I have absolutely no use for broke foot slaves.

I am not new to controlling slaves, but am now taking my control

online. I can smell bullshit from a mile away and have heard every excuse in the book, so don’t you dare waste my time with games.

Serious slaves only inquire.

Your first email to me should be you begging for my payment method so that you can make an initial tribute, and don’t you worry your insignificant mind. I’ll take control once you send your first email.

What are you into

CashApp Tributes from losers!


Payment methods used

Cash through mail, Cash in person, Other