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Cash slaves


Hello, you can call me Master Jack Shepherd. I am an attractive, intelligent, asian master living in South East Asia and have been experienced in the Master slave world for a few years now.

I have dominated male subs from average build to muscled and enjoying every single encounter with them. From asian to white faggots, all slaves are welcome here. I usually do edging, polishing, and EXTREME CBT, but have tried many aspects of BDSM too. I have a few regular slaves locally and internationally that I abused for my pleasure.

It was not my first intention to have a bunch of cash pigs and slaves, especially because I don’t really need the money. What I enjoy most is the control and submission of the slaves when they realize all of their hard earned money is going to someone they admire. Even through this blog, I am not looking for hundreds of cash slaves, I am looking to develop great personal relations and trust with each of my slaves. Only slaves that want to be controlled totally in their life should apply.

I only accept cash slaves and not just regular SnM faggots because I have enough of those already and because I don’t like to control someone abroad or online without a clear physical form of punishment when things go bad.

If you want to be abused without all the cash aspect, please don’t apply. Unless you have an exceptionally fit/muscled body, you will not be accepted as a regular slave. My cash pigs don’t have to provide pics, but at some point in our Master slave relationship, you will have to show your face and body. Just as I will show you what I look like given the right conditions.

So if you are looking for an intelligent, sane, Cash Master, just apply. Long-term or short-term is not a problem.

What are you into

I am into cash pigs who are not just a talking atm, but also a person submitting their own life and dignity to me. Your money is not enough, I will dominate not only your cash, but your daily life and your body.


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Paypal, Amazon