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I am into

Cash slaves, Home work slaves, Slaves to work for me, Abuse/Humiliation, Smoking, Teamviewer, Hypnosis/Brainwashing


Beware slaves! A New Era has arisen…Modern Roman Empire is Now ruled by Caesar Alessio!!

All inferiors slaves and fags can only aspire and dream to be allowed in by My security guards at the gates. That can only happen by paying the entry tax and continue with weekly/monthly tributes to be allowed to breath the same air as Me and My 13th Legion Warriors!! Once into My Empire, based on your skills and tributes, you can either be one of My gladiators and entertain Me, either a latrines cleaner into My 13th Legion, or just be sent to the mines to work till you pass the fuck out!

My slaves describe Me as determined, exceptionally intelligent, bold and self-confident, proud and ambitious! I seem to have a genius for dealing with cunts and I’m idolized by all fucking slaves from My Army as I’m one charismatic Caesar and Leader! You’re Amost there slave…Now pick up those worthless cash and be prepared to give them Real Value by putting them into the Right Wallet, Mine!!

It will get addictive I know, because all of you inferiors fantasize to look at and talk to a Natural Str8 Alpha Leader that will give your pathetic life a true purpose and take you back to the basics where slaves worked hard for their Superiors to worship, obey and complete Orders!

What are you into

Financial Domination, Cam use, Control, Abuse, Humiliation, Real time meetings




Payment methods used

Paypal, Amazon, Skrill, Bank deposit, Cash through mail, Cash in person, Bitcoins