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Armpits, Cash slaves, Home work slaves, Slaves to work for me, Abuse/Humiliation, Exposure, Blackmail, Feet/socks, Paying bills, Teamviewer, Buying underwear/socks, Feet/socks, Chastity


I was born BOSS. I did not have to overstrain or pretend because nature made me dominant.


Since my childhood,  I have always liked to dominate the weak and submissive. It is a natural and very strong instinct inside of me. I am the hunter and if I like what I see, you could be my worthy prey.


I am a proud Black African God and if you haven’t yet served a  Powerful Black God before, then I can tell you now that serving me is deep, intense at times, rewarding and extremely satisfying. I expect nothing less than complete servitude and loyalty.


Obedience has many rewards but rewards go only to those submissives who show absolute respect to me.


I understand that complete submission to a Powerful Black God with centuries of tribal ancestry is unknown territory for a lot of faggots. Only I will allow you to step inside this unknown territory and let you see it’s TRUE nature and how powerful and addictive it can be. It is a very real place and your place will always be at my feet.


As I am in Africa and real meets are difficult at the moment, they are certainly not impossible (unless the OBJECT wants to move here). Video calls can be set up so that you get to serve your God with a BBC. You will start the video chat bowing to me, you will only be allowed to raise your worthless head to gaze at your Powerful Black God when I say so and when the video call ends, you will bow your head again.


I will become the most important and sole reason why you exist because I AM THE BOSS.

What are you into

African black king who loves draining pathetic fags of their hard earned cash💰



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Paypal, Amazon, Bank deposit, Cash through mail, Cash in person, Other