To keep this short, because I go into more detail on my profile, I am currently looking for a chubby online submissive man who understands that he must SUBMIT. The best way to submit is to OBEY. The best way to obey is to do it with the only thought that you are doing it for ME!

I do not intend to gain a harem of submissives. Rather, I am looking for that ONE chubby online submissive whom I can apply my time and energy to as I subject him to my brand training and Control. He should apply just as much to me as he proves to me he is willing to learn, grow, and change according to my needs and whims.

My goal is to make him MINE.

While I am not strictly a financial Dominant, I may have you buy yourself the items that would go towards training and Control and please me.

So, if you are interested, you must read everything that I’ve posted on my profile and if you understand what I am looking for, and meet the standards I seek, send me a message detailing what suits and Footwear you own. You must inform me of the size of your Footwear, as well.

I will leave you with this question: would you not feel proud to be the one who is always there for me, making me happy with every single thing you do for me, and especially when it comes to my interests that otherwise, no one else may share?


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