Listen up you worthless faggots. I need to drain your banks. I want to control every aspect off your life!

You do not deserve the money, what’s the point? Its useless too you! Only superiors are worthy.

I want to track your every move and Take degrading humiliating pictures off you, because if you get out off line I will have no option but to publish it online.

As your owner you will be required to publicly declare your love for me. Pay “fag tax friday”, recruit cash pigs for your master and never say no.

Loyal cashpigs once you become loyal 1 2 1 personal meets will be required so I can dominant you.

If you want to work for me and pay your wages so I can be the best master there is then faggots you must do this, in this order

1. Tribute £25 to£jayh160 – PayPal @feetboyworship

2. follow, like and retweet everything on twitter-

3. Email- with your pictures

(Subject in email SUBMIT2ME)

*All tributes recieve face/sock/dick/cum pictures and videos

You can find all my socials here

Look forward to draining you



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