Hey fags. Sexy hot male here with a nice 7 1/2 inch thick cock and size 12 feet looking for some new fags that are in need of torture, teasing, abuse and well just generally a fucked up fun time :). I am Zeke fags know me best for my looks (of course) , roleplay and domination. I get repeat slaves because they love the show. They come back because they enjoy me. Just like you will if you hit me up. My pits are glorious and many fags adore them as well as my big feet and nice cock. I don’t care what your fetish is. Chances are we can make a show happen that you won’t forget. Now with that being said.

I want slaves they listen well and are obedient and consistent. You will find not only am a fun master but also have a pretty kick ass personality that most enjoy. That is another thing that I believe really gets slaves coming back for more. The thing I creep into your psyche like a bad craving that drives you to having a certain type of addiction. Most addictions are bad for you they say but we can have a healthy one ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can find me on skype:zekemathews21 and I accept payment by cash app, venmo and paypal.I am not extremely expensive. I understand that slaves don’t have a bunch of money trees growing in their back yards. I require some type of payment before the show starts to secure your time of torture and amusement.ย  ย Depending on what type of show we decide to do we can discuss more details before we start. Now what are you waiting for? Let’s give you a experience that you will enjoy and probably come back for seconds, thirds and more. Time to get a new addictionย ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Ready slave?

Your money is my money slave. Know your place.

Worship The Foot


Payment: Paypal, Cash App, Venmo

  1. cunt 6 years ago

    wow, hot with that mask and intimidating Eyes

  2. Drew 6 years ago

    Where did you get that mask? Looks pretty cool

    • Author
      Zeke Mathews 6 years ago

      Thanks. Yeah i got in this shop not to far from my house that carries gothic apparal, wristbands and just general cool stuff. I had to grab it when i saw it. Didnt really think about it much lol.

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