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    Hello all lessers,

    I am Master Zane, calling out to those who seek the strength and discipline of a powerful Master. If you crave a Master who is dedicated to maintaining a strong, commanding presence, you have found your calling.

    Your Master commits to rigorous workouts five times a week and consumes nourishing meals to ensure unwavering strength and vitality. I revel in the arts of degradation, humiliation, and exposure, and I seek another worthy blackmail subject who will embrace the path of submission and penance.

    In my domain, the best piggies receive my undivided attention and meticulous guidance. I have ample time to interact, train, and elevate my subjects to their highest potential. If you yearn for the honor of serving a Master who embodies strength and dominance, step forward and embrace The Way.

    Become a part of The Stable, where your devotion will be met with the firm yet fair guidance of Master Zane. Prove your worth, and you shall receive the attention and training reserved for the most dedicated and obedient subjects.

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