• Miky M posted an update in the group Group logo of Exposed faggotsExposed faggots 1 year, 8 months ago

    Hi Superior Alpha Gods.
    Closeted 30yo pathetic fagpig here, looking to be tricked into exposure threat blackmail. I can’t seem to stop to chicken out because I’m scared of crossing the line and being finally collared by a Superior Alpha Master forever. As a ridiculous fagpig, I deeply desire being turned into a brainless puppet, servant and laughingstock by a Superior Alpha Man.
    Send me a PM on kik (emickey12) without mentioning this website, then gain my trust and lie to me about your good intentions, gather enough degrading material and, finally, threaten me with online exposure.
    Collar me and abuse me. Just set some basic limits beforehand, as I am not into alla the fetishes.
    Could any Superior Alpha have been intrigued by the challenge?

    I’m on my knees.

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