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SPANISH BIG MUSCLED BULL MASTER. Very deep voice. Very discreet. You won’t see me post much here. The abuse happens privately. Very successful creative professional. I don’t need your cash. I just get turned on by taking advantage of you. In every possible way.


When I was 8, I imagined I was the devil and everyone in hell knelt before me, waiting for punishment. This made my cock hard. I believe there’s a hierarchy in the world according to which alpha males must be worshipped and served by inferior males, especially faggots, the most inferior kind of all. Financial domination is just a way of balancing the power a lot of them have. They feel guilty of having any power, cause deep inside they know they don’t deserve it. I’ve always looked at faggots with a certain disgust, but I can’t help but feeling good about their existence, as they are a source of pleasure by being a constant reminder of who I am. My intuition tells me that the burn of pleasure I feel in my chest when I mistreat a sub is similar to the burn it feels by being mistreated, which makes me have a conflict, since I like to see they enjoy being mistreated but at the same time all I want for them is pain, being sadist as I am. How can they have right to the same feeling I have, being so much inferior than me? That is why I look for subs who feel pleasure in being used and humiliated but who don’t let that feeling take over, keeping their mind focused on pleasing me. My ultimate goal is to take subs to “subspace” , where they lose control and feel a strong desire to obey without even thinking about the consequences, just like animals act, by instinct. Trust is the key.

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Cash slaves, abuse, worshippers, humiliation.



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Paypal, Amazon, Cash in person