• Army Alpha Boss posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    You know. You KNOW, faggot, the purpose for which you exist. You exist to serve Men, REAL men, and to enhance Our power, influence, and wealth.

    Being a bullied, desperate faggot at my feet: this is the existence you crave. You don’t know why, but it is undeniable. Well, bitch, what if I told you that it’s your lucky day faggot? What if by serving me, it all became clear?

    After some fucking frustrating events in Alpha Boss’ personal life, I am feeling fucking cocky as fuck. Sure, I can be nice. But there is room in the Master’s life for some real fucking verbal abuse to make you feel exactly like you know u should. Serve and obey faggot. SERVE and OBEY.

    All faggots that are permitted to do so are required to respond to this post saying “YES SIR”

    All UNOWNED faggots are REQUIRED to do the same, and are also REQUIRED to contact Me if My words stirred any feelings of truth in its fagmind.

    Later bitches.

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