Points are gained by interacting with the site, the amount of points for doing certain things will be listed below. So what are the points good for?
At the end of the month the Master and the Faggot with the highest points will be awarded Master and fag of the month. If they have won the month before, the top 3 of each will go into a poll and the users of the site will vote who they want! As well as that, reaching a certain number of points will increase your rank and you will recieve speical badges based on your points. Points will be reset each month.
You can view your total points at the top right of the homepage and the leaderboard for top 10 will be half way down the page.

Registering to the site – 50 points
Each day you visit the site you get 100 points
Viewing A Promotion– 10 points (Limit 500 points per day)
People viewing your Promotion – 10 points each time. (limit 500 per day)
Getting your Promotion approved and published – 100 points (Limit 100points per day)
Approved comments on Promotion – 50 points
Each comment you get on your own Promotion– 25 points
Spam comments – minus 500 points (Not english, just links with no useful comment)
Clicking on links in Promotion – 10 points
New activity on homepage – 20 points (limit 500 day)
Removal of activity – minus 100 points
New profile picture – 20 points
New profile cover photo – 20 points
New friendship – 20 points (limit 200points per day)
Ending friendship – minus 50 points
Activity comment – 25points
Activity favorite – 25points (100 limit / day)
New private message – 5 points (not not include chat at bottom of site)


Ranks – Coming
Seeing as there is Masters and fags on this site we have to think of ranks which will accomodate to both, or have seperate ranks for each. Check back soon.



Verified Master badge. Get this badge by proving you are who you say you are. There is alot of people out there that pretend to be fitness models or even other Masters. This badge will prove you are legit.
Simply take a picture of your self holding a sign saying submit2me.com or have the website in the background. Then contact Master Ashton admin either by the chat or sending a private message letting him know you have done it.


Verified cashfag. This site is mainly cash focused. There are TONS of faggots out there that play games with Masters and have no intention at all of paying. Having this badge will prove you are a legit cashfag and will stop Masters ignoring you so quick. To get this badge contact Masterashton admin and send a tribute of $20 or more. Payments accepted Paypal, Amazon giftcard, skrill, bitcoin and credit card through another membership site.


Verified Whore. This may seem like a fag only badge, but both Masters and Fags can get it. This is a camwhore badge, so it’s pretty much just showing off for cash!
To get this badge click the livecam link on the menu bar, create a account and get that account verified. NOTE: Submit2me has no part in verifying your live cam account.
Live cam is a affiliate program run by chaturbate. You will have to send them your ID and picture of it next to your face as well as agree to their terms.

Seems like alot of work, but after being in the Master/Slave scene for many many years livecam on chaturbate has by FAR made me the most cash and got alot of cashslaves eyes on me.
Also for faggots, if you love to show off and want to make cash to send your Master what better place to do it!

Once your account is verified, contact masteradmin and send him the link to your profile then you will recieve the badge. (Just creating a account is not enough, you must verify it)


1000 points! Simply gain 1000 points within a month and this badge will be assigned to your profile!


More badges will be coming in the future. Comment below if you have any questions or have suggestions!

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