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I am white, 6’5″, around 220lbs, size 12 feet, a bit of a beer gut, a missing front tooth from a bar fight and an 11 inch cock that’s 9.5 inches in circumference . I’ve got 9 kids by 6 different women and have been bullying fags since I was in middle school. True bitches love my cock. I knew I was superior from early on but didn’t realize how powerful until my late teens when I started to make pathetic fags buy my beer and cigarettes. …. A few years ago one of the fags I bullied from high school picked me up at a bus stop (I actually laughed in his face when I realized who he was. If I was him I would have kept on driving … but I suppose being a pathetic fag he just can’t help it. It’s in his nature to be abused.) … anyway he invited me to stay at his place and I never left. I’ve already drained him of 30 thousand dollars, and after the month’s bills are paid, the rest of his paycheck goes into MY pocket. I sleep in the Master bedroom (of course) and he sleeps on piss-stained blankets in a closet. Oh, and we went to a lawyer to draft up his living will and I’m the sole beneficiary to everything he has. Everything! 🙂  … And recently I’ve decided I deserve even more. That’s why I’m here.

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I love to bully fags. I love bitch slapping, shoving, spitting and pissing on and in fags. I can piss like a fire hose and I love trying to make fags chug my piss as fast as they can without spilling, or puking. … I call this the Beer-Piss Challenge. You buy a case or case and a half of beer and you pay me $100.00 bucks to drink my piss and if you spill any, choke or puke you have to pay $200.00 bucks. It’s a fun game and it goes on all night until I’m done or I pass out. You’ll love this game because I ALWAYS win. …. I love being worshipped too. Having you on your knees praying for my cock to get hard … and if it does, I might let you try to get me off. … Now, I don’t care if you’re a doctor or a fucking janitor at Burger King you’re all pathetic losers to me. But if any of you loser fags are a dentist let me know. I want this bitch I live with to get dentures so his mouth is as soft as a young girl’s pussy. … Hell, I deserve that, … right?? LOL

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