27 – 30




San Diego

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Into Financial Domination Only


I am into

Muscle, Armpits, Cash slaves, Home work slaves, Slaves to work for me, Abuse/Humiliation, Smoking, Exposure, Blackmail, Feet/socks, Paying bills, Teamviewer, Farts, Buying underwear/socks, Feet/socks, Shoes, Diapers, Chastity, Hypnosis/Brainwashing


I’m a very dominant Alpha, I always feel that if you have to say that, especially repetituously it almost sounds like youre convicinging yourself. But I am a pretty organic true to the grain Alpha Dominant Male that is protective but not one of those Helicopter parental types, because I expect you to be able to survive on your own and have the common sense and lack of ego to ask for help or that warm fuzzy fraternal bond we all need with a strong heart…. I also am totall aware I have my own experimentation going on, and to grow as a Man, which I am thoroughly enjoying working on.I keep my cards on the table all the time, and remain as authentic as I possibly can. Honesty, not pissant passive aggressive shit, but being as open and free to spend time talking with whomever about whatever with no judgements and no bullshit is very important to me. It make or breaks who I see you as too.In bed I like it rough. Primal.I’m not this arrogant tool throwing his dick down the corridor while high-fiving my reflection, and I am a patient top. I’ll push your envelope tho’ – because I can and want to.Not into Pup Play or anything like that, I feel that has gotten confused when I’ve tried to explain Primal Animal Ferral sexual stuff before – but if you have a killer ass and want me to shove a dog tail butt plug up you because you’re a hot little nasty fucker – then by all means. But I’m really really not into it. Ditto fistsing. I’ve done it, because it was part of the play but not out of any burning desire to fist some college twink elbow deep.

What are you into

Very Dominant Top, Naturally Kinky Alpha: Looking for a younger dude or dudes to kick it and get wild. I’m into: Eating Ass Like Straight Boys Eat Pussy, Giving or Getting F**king Bomb Ass Head, Skull Fucking Both Giving & Getting; That Musk/Boy Sweat pre and during a good fuck sess., Sweat, Spit,  Jockstraps, Groups, JO Buds, Toys. Way more Wild & Kink orientated than vanilla. Definitely a verbal dude, lookin for those that express it openly and loud.



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Paypal, Amazon, Google, Bank deposit, Cash in person