18 – 21


United Kingdom



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Into Financial Domination Only


I am into

Cash slaves, Home work slaves, Slaves to work for me, Abuse/Humiliation, Smoking, Feet/socks, Paying bills, Teamviewer, Buying underwear/socks, Feet/socks, Shoes, Hypnosis/Brainwashing


Watch out faggots!
I’m a VERY handsome and very powerful straight Master from Manchester.
I have owned my current older faggot for over 2 years and IT only exists for one thing – ME!
However, as a greedy controlling dominant bastard, one faggot is never enough and, as a God, I’m looking for more faggots to worship me, obey me, show their respect and thanks to me, drool over me, smell me, taste me, become addicted to me and, of course, tribute me. 
I enjoy the total control and power I currently have over my faggot. 
I stare at my faggot and I smirk and laugh when I see it mouthing that it loves and worships me. 
I walk towards the worthless sissy with my swagger and the cunt melts right in front of me. 
I stand next to the dirty worthless cocksucker and I see it tremble as it feels my power.
I look down on this piece of shit and see it uncontrollably shake and bask in awe of my godliness.
It looks into my dark brown eyes and the cunt hands over its wallet to me without so much as a flicker of my hand or a click of my fingers.
Do you want to feel that exact kind of power when I see you faggots?
Well here’s what I want from you queer scumbags:
I want YOUR tongue cleaning my shoes. 
I want YOUR nose sniffing my arm pits, shoes and socks. 
I want YOUR mouth as my ashtray.
I want YOUR mouth filled with my hot piss.
I want YOU on all fours to become my footrest.
I want YOU to empty your pockets before YOU undergo a full physical inspection by me with my black gloves on.
I want YOUR wallet full of fag cash put in to my hands or laid down next to my feet.
I want my God seed inside YOU when YOU drink my fresh cum straight out of a condom.
I want to see YOU shake with anticipation of what I am going to do with YOU. 
I want to see YOU tremble when YOU look up to me.
I want to see and hear YOU mouth “I love and worship you Boss”.
I want to see my God DNA take full and irreversible control of YOUR mind, soul and willpower from within inside YOU.
I want to see YOU melt and become completely addicted to me.
I want to see YOUR home turned into a full time temple of worship to me.
I want to see YOU raped of all your privacy, freedom and independence.
I want YOU to give, give, and keep giving and I will take, take, take everything from YOU.
I want to remove YOUR individuality and become objectified by me.
I want YOU to be totally powerless to stop me when I take full control of YOU.
I want YOU to become all MINE.
Are you gagging for me now cunt?
Want to know what it’s like to be under the thumb of a real God?  Well get in touch with me now faggots!
I do text chats, I can do Skype AND I do real time face to face meets.
Yes – I’m 21 at the moment but I know how to bloody handle a worthless piece of faggot meat when I see one.  My current faggot will testify that.

What are you into

Hunting, capturing, training, breaking and controlling faggots


Payment methods used

Paypal, Amazon, Google, Bank deposit, Cash in person