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Into Financial Domination Only


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Abuse/Humiliation, Blackmail, Teamviewer, Chastity, Hypnosis/Brainwashing


property of Caesar Alessio

submissive flirtatious (tv) maid, skilled in offering those more “personal” pleasures. i would be grateful if You could read my brief details below and should i appeal, I would dearly love to hear from You!
Area of residence: London Age: 42 Height: 5 foot 4, Weight – 9 stone 10, dress size : 10 Hair colour Chestnut Hair style: bob, Waist size: 29 inches eyes : large brown, smooth all over thanks to waxing (ouch!).
And if i may give You a little deion of myself; at the age of 21 with my first long term partner i realised I was very sexual submissiveness.  When 31 i met my first “owner”  (TV Mistress) and she developed me further through real sessions into a devoted and seXXy little maid. Since then i have served both Masters and Mistresses for extended periods, and find the giving of pleasures (and amusements) to demanding Dom/mes just so errotic!!
The last long relationship was with a very controlling Master who had my little clitty thingy pierced which hurt awfully.  It took about a year to heal properly, and once it had healed, he required me to have a chastity device fitted.  I have now had this on and off for about 2 years, it is a PA5000 and is perhaps the most comfortable and secure device available.  He used blackmail upon me to ensure my full compliance and obedience.  

Please do ask for more comprehensive details! Naturally i come with nice maids uniforms for both domestic chores and more fetish events, high heels and of course more seXXy & tight things underneath. 

i also have less conspicuous outfits for everyday outings. Ideally You would be a Couple and or Master / Mistress, and if i may add, i become particularly submissive to professional and educated Dom/mes who enjoy control both psychological, and physical, and who believe a submissives role is to please them, and not the other way around.  I also enjoy pleasing men who like ultra-feminine tgirls and expect their girls to dress to please.  

i realise any misdemeanours will need to be addressed by firm discipline! .  In particular I am petrified of the cane, due to once being caned to near death. Alas i cannot help but squeal so gags can be useful.  I am also accepting of restraint, and can find this experience quite cathartic, and it makes me so submissive and respectful.
i do chat online before arranging a meeting and i also like to talk on the telephone as i find this helps in sorting out timewasters.  …..send me a message and i will give you my number….. 
hoping to hear from you soon…  
subrena xxx 

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