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I am a competitive body builder.  I regularly train hard at the gym, and adhere to a diet intended to help me reach my goals.  All this results in a transformative outward appearance where big changes can occur in short timespans.

Faggots come to me looking for fitness advice, and I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned.  Don’t expect me to give away my hard learned knowledge though.  I use these faggots at the gym to clean the sweat off my balls and suck my cock. There’s nothing like making a faggot swallow me whole.  If the faggot does well, I’ll reward them with my load then take their hard earned cash.

I enjoy cock locking guys who focus on their dicks while servicing a real man.  It’s fun to watch a newly caged guy realize his inferiority to free men and turn into the cock hungry faggot they always wanted to be.  From now on faggot, your only release is to be penetrated by real men’s cock.

I have about twenty years worth of hands on experience as a kinky leather Dom, and feed off of sexual energy.  I understand power exchange dynamics, and expect honesty and open communication from my faggots.  I value consent and I respect limits.  If we connect and are in the same vicinity, I would love to meet and get physical.

I am skilled in cum control, flogging, impact play, spanking, fist fucking, CBT, tit torture, electro-sex, bondage, water sports, humiliation, and placing faggots into chastity.  I want your faggot dick locked up, and the key sent to me. I want to make you fitter, and more desirable.  I want to use your body for a good flogging, CBT, electro training, or tit torture.  I’ll reward you for good service by granting you permission to lick my boots/feet/balls/pits, drink my piss from the tap, suck my superior cock, or breed your ass.

What are you into

I want you to reach out and learn who I am.  I will accept all your tributes, but prefer to work towards building a strong bond with cash slaves looking for a personal connection.  I want your full devotion and service; send me tips, tributes, and gifts from my wishlist, showing me each time you want to serve a superior man.  I want you to embrace the faggot you yearn to be, and be a proud of your position in life.  You are here to serve, and I want to be served.  Let’s go on a journey together and see where we go.

Sound interesting?  Send me a message and introduce yourself.