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am 1000% cock and cum obsessed and also a dirty slut. I sucked a lot of cocks…I used to live in the city and oh fuck I had multiple men to suck and be submissive to every weekend. I love it! And I love to show it to…one night I went to a sex cinema…feeling like a whore.  1st floor was for hetero and 2nd  floor for gay. I went into the hetero part..about 15 men were sitting there watching a gangbang porn..some were jerking…mmmm..I was so fucking horny and wanted cocks and loads of cum that i went to the toilet which was behind in the room and took all my clothes off and I walked into the room completely naked and kneeled in front of the moviescreen..opened my mouth and waited for the men that wanted to be sucked…within 5 seconds 3 men stood up and walked towards me..took their cocks out and I began sucking them…So I was all naked like a real exhibitionist slut for all to see..I was taking turns on those three cocks and behind me on the screen  a pornslut was being gangbanged by a group of 6 men…I felt such a whore…such a cocksucking cumwhore…It was so good!  2 men came over my face….I went back to the toilet put my clothes on but didnt clean my face…I wanted everyone to see that I had been used as a cumdump slut.
Then I went to the gay floor and sat down in a kind of room with a bench…in the wooden walls there were big holes so men could look and see what was happening in the room….so again without any shame I went completely naked again and waited with my mouth open for a guy to come to me…and that older guy with a massive cock! I sucked him as best as I could. I was moaning loud aswell like a woman that was being fucked…made sure the people watching me would hear me aswell….I felt like pornslut while i was doing that…mmmm I am such a dirty fucking cumslut!

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I am into exposing myself so everyone can see what a cock and cum whore I am.