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  • Group logo of Verified Masters
    active 1 hour, 22 minutes ago

    Post Pictures with this website in the background or holding A piece of paper with your username on it to get the verified master badge.

    Public Group / 189 members
  • Group logo of ATMS (Cash Slaves)
    active 3 hours, 7 minutes ago

    All cash slaves.

    Public Group / 439 members
  • Group logo of Straight Bullys and Bullied Fags
    active 3 hours, 7 minutes ago

    For straight guys and fags who started out in high school this way. Can be discussion group. Also for fags and straight guys who prefer to deal with others who have been doing this since those years.

    Public Group / 73 members
  • Group logo of Team viewer / remote access
    active 3 hours, 7 minutes ago

    For all the Masters and Slaves into using team viewer or other remote access programs. Slaves when posting your team viewer details, make sure to have this group selected!

    Public Group / 316 members
  • Group logo of Sissies to pimp
    active 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Place for masters to find sissies. Real sissies. Sissies with no limits to serve international clients. Sissies who agree to receive nothing but cum and piss in exchange.

    Public Group / 158 members