• Jai posted an update in the group Group logo of ATMS (Cash Slaves)ATMS (Cash Slaves) 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    hey little slave I think you have something in your bank account that belongs to me…

    You’ll pay for every message I send you, you’ll pay when I make you do a task and the longer it takes you to finish it the more you will pay. You will put some bets as well in which you can lose a little or a lot, but you will never win. I’ll be the one winning

    Also you will be financing what I will spend for a nice day in the city center. maybe I’ll even go shopping on your expense or have a mini holiday that you will pay for.

    No worries slave. I will have a lot of fun with your money

    send me an e-mail:

    I will tell you how to proceed from there

    I really like to use the app circle pay my name there is my e-mail:

    Be a good slave and send me a tribute there so we can speed up the process a little 😉

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