• HusbandUk posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Hey man you married too?

    • Yeah. This really gets in the way

    • I know. there’s this on Man here that I really am tempted to just..give Everything to

    • Jon replied 4 months ago

      fuck yes I know who it is. just like everything on his wish list and then tribute besides

    • and he’d love us to get ruined by overdraft for him I think. which is the hottest. FratCollegeMasterJay

    • Jon replied 4 months ago

      exactly. borrow money on the dealership for him. sell my wife’s jewelry. and he would just keep flexing and saying if you serve me I deserve more

    • and when ur* perfect..maybe you do deserve more

    • Marc replied 4 months ago

      I know what you mean. sort of makes my eyes glaze over and my dick get hard to look at his pic. makes me want to spend on him

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