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i’m finally accepting my true nature as a cash fag who really feels happy and useful when Alpha men take my money and possessions.  They work with me to allow me to feel so horny and sexually gratified, cock and balls locked and shrinking, in my humiliation, shame and weakness as a total bitchboy, ATM whore, cashfag, pay pig pathetic looser worm.  I act like a 51 year old good looking, in shape professional man with houses, 3 businesses, a couple of nice cars, bank accounts, silver and gold coins and social standing.  So much fucking work to maintain that act.  The truth is so much easier.  Now I’m just looking for the right Master who understands me and who i resonate with.  Trance, hypnosis, and energy work (like Reiki) are very important to me. They would allow Master to own my subconscious mind and will. So, i’d need Him to take me under into that totally helpless and open trance space, or He could have someone hypnotize and put me into trance for Him. Then, Master only has to say a trigger word to me, and He’s totally in control of my body, mind and soul.

That’s what i know is going to happen.  My cock is hard and i’m smiling just thinking about it.

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i’m into classical music, traveling to foreign countries and living there for a while, especially to learn their language.  i love making money with the idea that i’m working as a slave for a gorgeous, muscled Alpha man who is much younger and who knows how to humiliate me into permanently knowing my place beneath His feet.


Isa Holloway

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Paypal, Google, Bank deposit, Cash through mail