Master Josh, the FinDomStud




United States


St. Louis

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I am into

Muscle, Cash slaves, Hypnosis/Brainwashing


I’m a hypnotist cub (beefy and hairy) that likes to hypnotize subs and using other programming techniques to get in someone’s head as a means of exploiting their desires and intensify the feelings involved with financial domination. If subs have other fetishes/kinks deep down and wish to explore them – such as getting the confidence to do it, overcoming inhibitions, or simply feeling more pleasure during the act – they could also explore those for Me as long as I still get that benefit of payment $ 😉  My methods are also amazing at exploring erotic fantasies that might not be possible in real life. Just message Me here or check out My hypnosis websites that include some free sample mp3s:
I also have a more mainstream one for bodybuilding but I’d rather not post that here due to payment providers – feel free to ask via PM. Also ask for what I accept for tributes. No P’pl.
I’m on Niteflirt as HypnoSuperior and a second profile under TheMesmerizer. ”
I’m less into control of your life, and more into the power of influence and suggestion to change and transform you into either your ideal self – or into My submissive financial sub.

What are you into

Getting cash from you; getting gifts from you.
Not a cam master (as in, I don’t do shows; I am willing to appear on cam during hypnosis though would rather you focus on my voice).
Not that experienced with the computer side of things .

Though I’m open to in person, I’m also picky there … so mostly I’m on here to meet cashfags, moneyslaves, pay pigs, cash cows, humanATMs, and the like, molding you to have more pleasure as you tribute Me … and then even more pleasure when even more green is put into My hands.

As I said above, I do work with other subs too – I assume all here are into findom but if you are not, I will respect your limits but would still expect a flat rate for any hypnotism service pre-paid.

In terms of in-person, I don’t really enjoy meeting up with fags, but good-looking boys and pups are welcome to inquire if you are nearby / going to visit / able to relocate & work. Big plus if you are into hypno, of course 😉






Payment methods used

Amazon, Google, Bank deposit, Cash through mail, Niteflirt, Other