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My name is Doulos 505758
Doulos, has been lucky enough to have a Alpha Skin Head Master for the past 14 yrs. Master wishes that
His cum dump cash slave has other BB/BD Alpha Masters  that doulos  505758 submits my throat and cum dump faggot pussy to all Straight/Bi/Gay Alpha Dominant Raw Masters Top’s Breeders that need a deep throat and a hungry wet warm faggot pussy to rape and breed once or on a regularly
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Masters Cock Sucking Cum&Piss Swallowing hooded and blindfolded faceless Cum Dump Fuck Slave is well trained and very gifted in sucking dick and taking multiple dicks fucking slaves faggot pussy and dumping loads of cum in and slave will ask for more.  And when it comes to submitting and serving The Alpha Top and his buddies. But there is nothing more importune to Slave then Alpha Masters  sexual Pleasure.
Being fulfilled.

Doulos is white 5’9” 160 slim nice very clean faggot pussy for all the fucking it can get. And a deep throat.
He knows his place and that is face down at the Alpha feet ass up hood and blindfold on with ankle and wrist restraints for the Alpha to tie Doulos up with legs spread wide and pulled back and tied to his collar so his faggot pussy and mouth are easy access  for the Alpha to use.

No blood
No Scat
No Beating
No Fisting unless his pussy has been used by at lest five long thick Mexican White or Black Str8,Bi,Gay young or old dicks that know how to fuck hard and deep

Once slave walks in to Masters Home slave be allowed t strip and To be able to take a shower to make sure hole is 100% ready for Master. 
Slave will clean its faggot pussy hole the day and night before It leaves for MASTERs place.
When slave is there you are the Master and you are the one in control. Slave will 
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Thank you for your time Master Sir
Slave hopes for the chance to submit and serve you

Doulos 505758