31 – 49


United States



Member type


I am into

Muscle, Cash slaves, Slaves to work for me, Abuse/Humiliation, Smoking, Paying bills, Chastity


Here to use your cash to turn myself into a 300lbs smokin, drinkin, redneck SSkinhead TANK.
Lookin to get into construction, let’s get me some fucking BOOTS!
Been takin’ from fags since I was 17, still fuckin at it, still gettin what I want.

What are you into

Love to push popperfags to the edge as they pay tribute to Me.
Enjoy watching you on cam as you submit – each slave’s reaction to doing what they’re told is different.
Also have a passing interest in nipple torture and enlargement.

I am a greedy motherfucker. Think you can satisfy My hunger for everything you own? Let’s fuckin find out!

I enjoy obedience. I expect you to show that you’re real and serious about your desire to submit. Greed fuels me, and fueling my greed keeps me interested. I may do things that turn the fag on, but what turns me on is my own fucking greed.

Come with a fucking respectful attitude. The fag is here to SERVE, is it not?


Payment methods used

Paypal, Amazon, Google, Cash through mail, Cash in person, Other