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Cash Slave

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Property of Master Cris Nathan

Location: Lakeside, Arizona, U.S

Real Name: fagfuck justin

Classifcation: faggot cocksucker

DOB: 06/25/1986

Height: 5’8

Weight: 135pds

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Race: White

Physical Shape: Fit

Slave material: Yes

Trained: Barely with allot more needed

Physically abused: Not yet

Tats: One (right shoulder blade)

Branded: Not yet

Owned: Yes

Health issues: None

Exposed: Simi

Employer: Self Employeed

Current demeanor: In the process of being knocked down to the proper size and learning “its” rightful place

Bad habits to be broken: Speaking and acting without permission

Neck Size: 14 1/4 in.

Cuff Size: 6 1/2 in.

Ankle Size: 7 3/4 in.

Endowment: 7.5 (for now)

Shoe Size: 9 1/2

What are you into

I seriously want to be owned by a abusive, straight or bi, cocky, all american alpha god that doesnt give a fuck about anything else but himself. A real man that will put me in my rightful place and make me fully serve him anyway he sees fit. I want to have every right and piece of dignity stripped, knowing I will never be anything other than an object and his personal property, used purely for his benifit. Be chewed out when I mess up or because hes having a bad day, physically hit and abused with or without reason. I want to be spit on and made to swallow it or lick it directly off the godly ground he walks on for his pure entertainment. Smacked in the face when his friends are around or in public just so he can laugh about it.


I want him to physically make me his foot rest, smashing my face agienst the ground, and be kicked in the ribs to go get his beer or food while hes watching the game with his buds or relaxing and watching tv after work. I want him to make me sniff his sweat infested socks and eat the dirt clean, straight off the bottom of his superior shoes or boots. I want to be permently collared by him and locked down in chains to his basement, shed, living room, or bedroom floor with no other choice than to accept it or made to live in a cage and hog tied when he has to leave for awhile and completely tracked through gps when Im on work release. I want him to go through every piece of clothing I have and throw away whatever he wants to fit the way he wants me to live. Control every aspect of my life and tell me where I can or can not go. Make me walk the streets shoeless, one step behind him at all times, and make me look at the ground or have the fuckin shit beat out of me for even thinking about looking up.


I want to be physically made to live for the man and be trained to be completely obey him without question. Locked down in a chastity and laughed at in the lockerroom at the gym, or when I have to explain why the metal detector went off. Made to eat his scrapes and drink his piss water out of dog bowels after, I’ve cooked him breakfast, lunch, or dinner and the chores are done. Make me drink his piss straight out of the toilet or lick it clean off the urnial he just used every time him or his friends have to take a leak, given zero choice but deal with it.


Exploited, exposed, humilated and degraded by him for his own personal agendas ($$$), continuosly reminded of what I wished for and knocked down to size. I want the alpha god that is going to hold me down, brand my little punk ass, hang me between two trees, whip the fuck out me with his leather belt, and make me suffer for being born a cocksucking fag…


This is the man that I am looking for and want to meet face to face. The question is, does one actually exsist?



Payment methods used

Paypal, Google, Bank deposit, Cash through mail, Cash in person, Niteflirt