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There has been more and more Masters using fake pictures joining this site. In an attempt to correct this problem, this page allows you to upload comments in the pictures.
Simply comment below with a picture holding something saying or have this site on your phone or laptop in the background. You must clearly show your face, if you do not want to do that.. well you are on the wrong site.

The Masters who submit verification pictures will be added to the verified Master group, and a verification icon will be added to your profiles, which will display next to your image throughout the site. The maximum image upload size for verification is 1MB.

Joining this group is not a must. But if people complain you are using fake pictures, or begging for cash and you are not verified, you will be removed without warning.

If you have trouble with this feature, contact the site moderator: @slave2ashton


If the comment picture upload does not work, send me the picture in chat, and I will add it for you..

  1. Tiago Mendes 5 years ago

    Here , my verification

  2. ViperCashMiami 5 years ago


  3. ViperCashMiami 5 years ago

    Verification attempt 2

  4. Master_Kebstra 5 years ago

    here is my verification

  5. Blackmaster187 5 years ago

    Verification 😋💁🏽‍♂️

  6. Blackmaster187 5 years ago

    Here’s my verification

  7. Ma$ter of Ma$ter$ 5 years ago


  8. Master Brutus 5 years ago

    Master Brutus

  9. Your God 5 years ago


  10. Master Tom 5 years ago

    My verification

  11. Author
    MasterAshton Admin 5 years ago


  12. Alpha CashMaster 5 years ago

    My verification

  13. Author
    MasterAshton Admin 5 years ago

    Lord Rough

  14. Jon Cordrey 5 years ago


  15. Author
    MasterAshton Admin 4 years ago


  16. valentinosantreou 4 years ago


  17. ALPHAJORDAN 4 years ago

    verification pic

  18. Jaw Breaker 4 years ago

    Here’s my verification.

  19. Brad Master 4 years ago

    Here is my verification.

  20. Marquis De Supreme 4 years ago


  21. Woody 4 years ago


  22. Alpha Ted 4 years ago

    Hope this helps to get me verified 🙂

  23. Joff 4 years ago


  24. Sascha 4 years ago

    my verification

  25. Dragon 4 years ago

    my verification

  26. edwin 4 years ago

    real master

  27. Mag 4 years ago

    here’s my verification

  28. DomDude 3 years ago


  29. The 3 years ago

    For verification

  30. Ruthle$$Master 3 years ago

    This should verify me.

  31. Ma$ter $teelx CA 3 years ago


  32. fabdom88 3 years ago


  33. Zane 3 years ago


  34. Author
  35. Author
    MasterAshton Admin 3 years ago


  36. Alpha Derek 3 years ago


  37. BLONDMUSCLEDOM 2 years ago


  38. Author
    MasterAshton Admin 2 years ago

    Testing upload

  39. test 2 years ago

  40. Viking Fag Dstroyer 2 years ago

    Here my verification !

  41. Verification

  42. RussianPrince 2 years ago


  43. SirDave 1 year ago

    verification pic.. where are the fags??

  44. SirDave 1 year ago


  45. BigBoyfriend 1 year ago

    My verification. Sorry it’s backwards!

  46. Master Alpha 1 year ago

    my verification

  47. Master James 1 year ago


  48. slave2ashton 2 months ago

    Alpha Derek

  49. slave2ashton 2 months ago

    God Alpha Maximus

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