King Bruiser





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Cash slaves, Abuse/Humiliation, Feet/socks, Teamviewer


I’ve been in the scene since October 2018 and found my way into it being in the BDSM/leather community. You’ll find that I am a VERY assertive person and I don’t like my time being intruded on unless its to my benefit. Let’s be very clear here, whether you are in this as a cash slut or looking for an eventual owner, you will always treat my time, rules, and boundaries with respect. You may be in a leadership, executive, or management role outside of this fetish, but with me you are my submissive wallet bitch. This is a luxury fetish and should be treated as such, therefore if you don’t work or are broke, then spare me the message and save us both time. You are no good to me if I can’t take from you. You never know what type of mood you will catch me in and I like to keep things interesting. I am confident my communication skills will keep you hooked and my seed will be planted in your brain. I will ensure that you will become a better cash slave with my training and I expect nothing less! In the end, if there is something I want, I will absolutely get it at your expense no matter how much it hurts. Your limits will be tested over and over. I am not one of those, “fuck you pay me” Masters, but there are times where I will light into that wallet of yours and do some HARD damage. I really find POWER in taking CASH from you, especially when I know you will have to work hard to get it back (only to serve me again). It’s the natural cycle for you cashfags. Serve, spend, repeat. Prepare to dedicate your executive salary on me and I will spend it as I see fit.




1) Address me as Sir, Master, King, Boss, or Daddy. I can address you as fag, ATM, faggot, sub, boy, girl, pet, cashcunt, wallet bitch, slut, whore, etc…

2) I prefer 3 digit tributes, but go ahead and send your weak 2 digits ones. One digit ones are not allowed, this isn’t charity. (unless you are reimbursing something)

3) Introduce yourself fully in your FIRST message to me: 1) Finsub name if you have given yourself one, 2) Payment methods, 3) Fetishes. If you don’t introduce yourself properly to my liking you won’t get a response

4) I take my time VERY seriously, so message me with intent. I don’t like fags who message me with an “all about me” attitude. If I find  you doing that, I will correct you quickly.

5) I don’t get on cam often, but when I do, you will be paying $75 BEFORE we hop on. That won’t be the only time you will be paying.

6) Have a career. I don’t want some broke loser or wannabe submissive contacting me.

7) If we are ever on cam, you will NOT be sitting or standing, you WILL be kneeling.

8) You will NEVER cum on cam with me on it. At the very basic level, you will ask for permission.

9) ALWAYS ask for permission to leave a session. If you prematurely disconnect on me, you will be BLOCKED.

10) Ownership takes months and up to a year. If you want OWNED, PROVE it! Be consistent, communicate well, and ALWAYS obey my orders.

11) Your role is to make me Happy, not piss me off or stress me out. Be attentive to my Amazon wishlist, trips I am taking (you will be funding), finding ways to fund meals, bills, etc..

12) I generally will never be nude, but there MAY be times where I reward you with pics, videos, etc…

13) My wants will always become before your wants

What are you into

Mindfucking, cashraping, humilitating, used and abusing a wallet and taking complete control of how you think and behave. I’m here to completely dominate YOU faggots!



Payment methods used

Amazon, Google, Skrill, Cash in person, Bitcoins