Member type


I am into

Cash slaves, Home work slaves, Abuse/Humiliation, Exposure, Feet/socks, Paying bills, Buying underwear/socks, Feet/socks, Shoes, Chastity


Faggots! I am experienced and demanding – I expect tributes along with service. From mild to ….. You will work hard at all times to please me but it takes work. Lots of work! I take NO CRAP! Lots of bondage, Sensation Play, Mild to med SM. Discipline/Service, body shaving, humiliation  play, tickle torment, electro, cam training, ownership.
You will be ready to serve 24/7. Your focus is ME period. Your pleasure doesn’t enter into this only mine. My feet always need worship as does the rest of me. I do not travel ever. You come to me.
I own your body, your soul and your money. You are here to please ME, physically and financially. That is your lot in life. Be real or piss off.  I am serious about what I do and you had better be the same. I will tell you I have a sadistic streak, not to the point of damaging my toys but you will remember it. If you want me to wear certain clothing then you buy it. Will consider selling underwear and socks if you can afford them.

What are you into

Total ownership of slugs over 40.  I control your life at all times along with your body. Not a game player but a real Dom – over 50 years experience. In person or online I am in control. Quick to punish even without reasons. Don’t waste my time ever.  I have standards and push my slugs to match that.. Only those who are seriously into this need apply. Tributes must match my standards. Your life, your body and your money is all mine. From Sensation Play, to BD, to body shaving. hot wax, electro. to controlling how you dress,  when you get to cum – if ever, cam play, humiliation, photos, Discipline is paramount  Your tears are meaningless to me. You will suffer for my enjoyment but only if you are prepared to pay.  I take no crap or prisoners.  I am your total focus. PERIOD.


Payment methods used

Cash through mail, Cash in person, Other