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Muscle, Armpits, Cash slaves, Home work slaves, Slaves to work for me, Abuse/Humiliation, Blackmail, Feet/socks, Paying bills, Teamviewer, Feet/socks, Chastity, Hypnosis/Brainwashing


I am a 39 year ultra dominant top. I have been a Master for the past 22 years. What I am is for real. I believe that some men were born to be served and some were born to serve. I don’t play games. Yes, I may call you a piece of shit and use you as a foot stool or piss in your face, but that doesn’t mean that I expect you to act like a mindless robot. On the contrary, I expect you to be on top of your game when it comes to serving me. A slave needs to use his mind in order to serve his Master completely. You need to learn to serve me and to anticipate my needs, wants and desires. That means I need to train you thoroughly so that if I look at you a certain way, you will know immediately what I want, without saying a word. You will be my property but I will treat you like I treat all the things I own, as a valuable asset. As my slave and property, you will serve me completely, faithfully, and with the utmost devotion and respect. I may humiliate you, degrade you, and use you, but I will never harm you or hurt you in any way. I will help you discover your true self, that of being a true servant and slave. By the time I am done with you, you will crave me and every moment you do not hear my voice or serve me will be complete and utter agony, excruciating torture. I will take everything from you, not because I demand it but you will want to give it, and that includes your heart. And that I will cherish as a priceless jewel. If serving and submitting to a truly dominant man is what you seek, then get on your knees and write to me now and make an initial tribute with your email.

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I am looking for guys who are REAL slaves, guys who know and understand that some men are born to be served and others born to serve. I am into long-term bondage and confinement; verbal and physical humiliation; objectification; boot camp training; physical, mental, and endurance training; interrogation, discipline; leather straitjacket bondage, hoods, foot worship, boot worship, using guys as a urinal, spit and piss, and a whole lot more.

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