Stuck In Chastity And No Escape from It!!!

Snapshot_20160716So as some of you already know my MASTER locked me into a neosteel chastity belt in November 2015 to help transform me from a master to a sissy faggot. I have to say it is working way too well! Not only am I now stuck in this bloody belt but MASTER makes me blog my journey everywhere.

He even sends this pathetic sissy faggot out to film himself doing public tasks dressed in a sissy dress and diaper for everyone to laugh at me. It is the most humiliated I have ever felt and I have no way of ending his control over me or my cock.

To ensure I stay locked he has the keys on the other side of the country after personally visiting to lock me up. He now sells days to add to my chastity which is making my chastity duration skyrocket. To top it all off if the duration remaining in chastity reaches 20 years MASTER is making me watch him to destroy the keys to make it permanent. I am well and truly fucked!!!

IMAG0081Even when I am out in public I have a constant reminder of my pathetic existance.

Every £1 MasterSirBoss makes from fags or every 10 tips MasterSirBoss makes will now also add one day to my chastity lock up.

In the event that my remaining duration in chastity reaches 20 years I Sissy Andrea agree that MasterSirBoss will have the right to destroy the key to my chastity belt if he so chooses therefore rendering my chastity permanent.

Those wishing to buy time to add to my chastity can do so in various ways:

You can use the subscription widget on this blog to buy a monthly subscription to add a set amount of days to my chastity every month.

Send paypal payments or amazon gift cards in BRITISH POUNDS to myself using the email

Send paypal payments or amazon gift cards in BRITISH POUNDS to directly to my MASTER MasterSirBoss using the email


How do I feel about these rule changes? To be honest I wasn’t expecting MASTER to be so strict with punishing me for being lapse with contact. I have to say it is very severe but I suppose that is why I let MASTER lock me in the first place. He is strict and he does not go back on his word. Since I know that to be true, I know full well that if the release date due in clock on my blogs hits 20 years remaining that he will indead destroy the key to leave me locked in the neosteel chastity belt permanently.

It is a very scary thought but it is also very exciting. I may feel very differently when I see him destroying the key though!

It’s been fun to see the number of followers I have on blogger and tumblr now. I seem to be becoming more famous lol. It is also great to chat on my twitter and has been good to connect with others in Southport, UK who are finding my humiliation fun. It would be good if they would be willing to film me doing public sissy tasks so the videos are better. Anyone in the area up for it can contact me on my skype: allanelmo81

MASTER is also looking for guys and gals who want to use this sissy’s amazon wishlist to send me sissy clothing for me to wear on my public sissy tasks. Be as cruel as you want. The wishlist is updated regularly and can be found at:

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