How To Serve An Alpha: A Guide For Faggots

To give faggots a better understanding of how to serve an Alpha, Master Ashton has asked me to write a small guide for faggots so that hey can meet their potential.

It is very importand for an Alpha to fully undertand what you as a faggot are able to offer them. It is very important that you are honest and upfront about what you want and what you can offer so that the relationship between the Alpha and yourself can be as successful as possible.

Firstly you need to show respect at all times. Be sure to ask the Alpha if they would prefer to be addressed as SIR, MASTER or BOSS. Once you know what the Alpha preders to be called, be sure to address them as this at ALL TIMES. Showing how subservient you are to them is key.

Secondly be upfront at the beginning about what you can offer and your limits:

  • Discuss with the Alpha what they wish from you as regards how the envisiage the releationship to be. Some Alphas just prefer to accept tributes and gifts but not interact or keep constant contact. Some prefer to have constant contact, some like to expose and some like to set tasks.
  • Discuss your limits with the Alpha. If you can only do small tributes every now and then or like to play hard you need to let them know. If you like to be in constant communication you need to tell them this too so they know what sort of faggot you are.
  • When you speak with the Alpha you need to explain what limits you have. If, for example you do not like to be exposed and wish that to be a red line for playing then you need to tell them.
  • Above all you need to be honest wth the Alpha at all times.

A great way to explain what you want is to make a post on SUBMIT2ME (see the ‘How to post on SUBMIT2ME’ post on this site for details of how to do this).

Another great way is to send an Alpha an introductory message eg:

‘Hello MASTER (insert NAME OF master),

My name is (insert your profile name) and I am a faggot. I am looking to serve MASTERS that are into regular play involving regular small tributes and occasional gifts. I am also interested in exposure and performing tasks.

Long term I am looking for an owner to take full control of this faggot as their owned faggot. If you feel I maybe a suitable candidate and would like to discuss setting limits and rules for a potential MASTER/slave relationship, this faggot would be honoured to receive your reply.’

Be sure to share your experiences so that other can also find a great Alpha!

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