Remote accessing FAG’s pc WITHOUT TV. Making him beg to send me fagcash!

Pawel the brave faggot came to me in chat, and told me he was into remote control software and wanted me to control his PC, and expose him… Oh boy, he had no idea what he was infor! Fag pawel was used to Masters using TV and having the ability to close the program when he was over it, or if the Master was taking too much cash. Little did he know my software was MUCH different. Unlike teamviewer once i’m in your pc.. i’m there to stay.  As soon as Fag Pawel realised the power I had, he started begging to send me money weekly, he was bowing at my feet. The fag had never seen power like this before! I opened a chat client on his pc and we began discussing how much he should send me each week, little did he know I was also in the background going through all his pictures finding pictures to EXPOSE him with. I then remotly opened paypal and he immediately logged in… bam I had keylogged his password to paypal and it was now mine! I sent myself $100, then I started looking through his computer. You will see in the pictures below, not only did I get his pictures but all of his passwords! I can tell this faggots dick was throbbing, this was like christmas to  him! Finally he had found a Master with TRUE power.  I also found out some personal info about this Faggot, but since he is not in any English Countries.. it’s probably pretty useless, BUT i’ll post it anyway HAHAHAHA. Check out if you want to see the naked images I got from this faggot, I will not be posting them on submit2me.

Fags Personal info below, maybe some Masters are in the same Country as him, and want to pay him a visit LOL

Addres ul.Lowicka 50/1 Warszawa 02-531 pawel milewski, pesel: 81053100619,phone: +48513609670


Faggots, If you have a Windows computer, and want to try out my software message me on chat. It will not work on Macs.
This software is teamviewer on STEROIDS! You can take FULL control of the victim’s computer, and they cannot do shit about it. It allows the user to keylog, get all passwords that are saved on their computer and even view their webcam! The best part is, they cannot do shit about it!
Teamviewer they can see what your doing, this software you can choose if you want them to see you moving the mouse and typing, or you can do it silently so they don’t even know. This is a great way to go through all their files and folders without them even knowing!

If masters want to use this software with their fags I will be selling copies for $250, but it only works on Windows and requires some network knowledge to set up. Mainly port forwarding. If you are shit at computers, don’t bother.


Unlike teamviewer once this program is running, the faggot cannot stop it, or take over the controls. Not many faggots are game enough to try it.

This program got all passwords saved in chrome browser, this can be done for all browsers.  You are also able to keylog the victim, meaning whatever he types in gets saved in a text file and sent to you. MWHAHAAHA

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