Master Connor


27 – 30


United States



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Into Financial Domination Only


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Cash slaves


Master is a 30 year old army vet that loves riding his motorcycles in leather and using and abusing fags for full control as they know there place as masters slaves to serve and worship master. So once ready to reprogram that fag brain and give it all over to a real master that loves to sit back and light up a cigar and use a fag as masters sub human ash tray. Message master you limp wrist-ed faggots time to obey and listen to master. Once you have figured out your ready you know what to do. str8 bi gay i use all subs slaves and fags and pups and pigs. Scat,cbt,pup play,fin-dom,cash rape,skinhead,smoke,force intox,chems,hypno and etc.




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Findom info- Financial Domination is an art that needs to be mastered to be successful. You have to desire that power in order to have control. A little info for all those new masters thats looking for cash$ and don’t want to beg anymore. 

Scat Lovers read – tie pig spread eagle with dental clamps in fags mouth while master puts fags hood on an drips poppers in canisters an puts hood on pig then drags over masters rim seat for pig to look up and worship masters godly hairy hole while master sits on it an lights up a cigar an has a glass of whiskey then slowly starts feeding pig while smoking masters cigar then once done master heads over an pulls out a 8 inch dildo with masters leather gloves to uninstall the dental clamps an shove the dildo in getting every bit of shit in pigs mouth then takes out masters cock to spray the fag down an get the rest down fags throat about right shit eating faggots always time for a good feeding from a true alpha.


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Bondage, Boots, Fighting, Financial Domination, Hypnosis, Leather, Military, Piercings, Pup Play, Rubber, Skinheads, Smoking, Tattoos, Other




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Paypal, Amazon, Google, Bank deposit, Cash through mail, Cash in person, Niteflirt, Bitcoins, Other