MasterSirBoss: 26 Year Old Straight UK Dom


MasterSirBoss is a 26 year old sadistic straight cash master and dom from Sheffield, UK. MasterSirBoss seeks loyal devoted addicted cashfags to use and abuse physically mentally and financially, he wants gifts at his feet and cash at his feet. What you will get is his attention and if your lucky you will get to kiss his feet and thank him for you being a dirty pathetic lowlife faggot.

MasterSirBoss is always on the hunt for new faggots to add to his stable and is very experienced. As his chastity locked faggot I can certainly say no one has ever taken so much control over me. He has plenty of spanking equipment ranging from canes and paddles to whips. He also has lots of restraints and gags. He will make sure you cannot escape your punishment just like I was unable to.



He likes to humiliate faggots too as you can see:

He accepts faggots from across the world who are willing and able to serve him financially. He accepts direct bank transfers and amazon gift cards in BRITISH POUNDS. You can also buy him a gift from his amazon wishlist:
He likes to punish faggots. He 20150902_090227284_iOSpunished me by locking me in a neosteel chastity belt. Every BRITISH POUND you send him adds one day to my chastity sentence and my current release date is now 7th December 2021. To read what MasterSirBoss has done to me go to:

Add MASTER on skype: mastersirboss12

Add MASTER on yahoo: TopGun12121





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