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Welcome to; the place where dreams become reality for sub slaves and masters alike. is a realistic website a lot like social media sites which allow you to add friends, and reciprocate in ways like that of twitter and facebook.

For those who are masters wishing for subs, and slaves; by setting up a profile you can have a few to as many as you wish. You command your site and slaves to pay your bills, have a savings fund, or have pc control however you like.

For the slave who loves to serve; when you join, perhaps find a master who wants A slave and see what you both have in common. Perhaps you want to share your pay check, pay a bill or submit to fagtax or tax of any kind.

With, there’s something for every master a slave out there regardless of whether you are seeking Master seeking a slave, fag seeking a master who controls or slave who doesn’t know what he wants.

If this is you or your fetish, join up and get the ball rolling. You never know, you might find out what you’ve been searching for all those years.