Fag Andrew Seeks Master

Fag Andrew from Sevenoaks, Kent, UK is looking for a Master.

Fag Andrew Sevenoaks

The 52 year old faggot lives in a small village close to Sevenoaks, Kent, UK. Fag Andrew has always enjoyed playing games that involve humiliating dares or forfeits. He recently revealed that he started playing strip games at the age of nine! Although Fag Andrew has a tiny penis, he loves stripping naked in public places. He likes the risk of being completely exposed and humiliated. There are now dozens of photos of Fag Andrew’s little dick on the internet! You can view some of them on his Tumblr blog, http://andrew-exposed.tumblr.com/

Sexually, the gay bus driver has always been a sub. Fag Andrew likes men who take control… who lead the way… Men who will stretch his limits and push him into trying new things. Fag Andrew is very eager to please. He will do almost anything a dominant male requests… Andrew likes to please his man (or men) and will do anything he can to make sure they are completely satisfied!

Fag Andrew’s next step to total submission.

Fag Andrew Exposed

Fag Andrew’s love of being dominated and humiliated, has led him to realise that he’s ready to take the next step towards total submission. He wants to find an Alpha male to surrender himself to. Fag Andrew is looking for a Master to serve. He wants to submit and give control to a superior dominant man. Andrew is primed to hand over “the power” to a Master… The power to control him… use him… punish him… The power to expose and humiliate him!

Fag Andrew admits that he is not yet ready to submit to being a total slave. He does, however, acknowledge that complete domination and ownership is the natural progression of handing over absolute control to an Alpha male!

Fag Andrew hopes that a good Master will understand his need to take things slowly. It is part of the natural fag-cycle. Andrew says. “As a fag, it starts with me wanting to be totally controlled and humiliated. If I feel I am being pushed to go too far, too quickly I panic. When the pressure continues, I start to regret my actions and think about running away. Naturally, as a fag I will eventually come crawling back but, by then I have pissed off the Master. The Master will then make even more extreme demands of me, to prove myself… And the cycle begins again!”

Financial Domination

Fag Andrew owned

Fag Andrew is not looking for a cash master. He does not understand why fags send money to somebody just because they demand it! Andrew says, “What’s the point? Easy pickings for the cash master but, what does the fag get out of it? I want to be controlled. Eventually, that will lead to financial domination but, you need to control my mind first. Humiliate me, degrade me, make me feel horny… get inside my head. Then you can make financial demands!”

Fag Andrew has shared credit card and bank details with Masters in the past but, only after a period of humiliating brain training!

Fag Andrew wants to meet real Masters in person!

Fag Andrew

Fag Andrew has served a few internet Masters. While he enjoyed these experiences, he believes that true control and ownership can only be achieved by meeting in person. Andrew is now ready to take this step!

Ideally, the Master needs to be within easy travelling distance from Sevenoaks, Kent, UK. Andrew’s slave training can then be regular and ongoing. Fag Andrew is prepared to travel further afield but, it may have to be when he has a few days off work. Andrew will take the usual safety precautions. He says, “Obviously our initial meeting will have to be in a public place.”

“It will be a scary experience for me, I’m always a bit nervous when I meet new people. Knowing that in a very short time I could be standing, or kneeling naked in front of the Master is daunting!”

Contact Fag Andrew

Email:  andy.sevenoaks@aol.co.uk    kik: andrewexposed    Tumblr: http://andrew-exposed.tumblr.com/


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