Chastity and Humiliation Update: 9th August 2016


Hi guys, hope you are all well. I thought it was time to give you another update on my journey as the owned and chastity locked sissy faggot property of MasterSirBoss. Since my last update my release date has risen to 25th April 2023 which is a massive leap closer to the 20 years remaining my MASTER is looking for this to reach. If it reaches a remaining duration of 20 years MASTER is forcing me to watch him destroy the key to the neosteel chastity belt rendering my chastity bloody permanent.

It has been quite a busy time for me personally so it has rather got in the way of being able to do new videos and tasks. Last Thursday 3rd August 2016 however I was able to do a video of me in just my top and a very babyish adult diaper playing on the swings at a park. It was very scary yet fun and extremely horny. My cock was trying to get hard inside my chastity belt the whole time.

I was wearing shorts over my diaper for the ten minute walk to the park and my diaper was rustling very loadly indeed. I was getting some strange looks from the people I walked past on the way there and on the way back home. If I get more time soon I will see about playing on more in the park on the slide and roundabout etc… and film it also so you can have a good laugh at me.

The video is here:

I also did a video blog update last Thursday and that can be viewed here:

From the beginning of September I will be able to emabark on a lot more humilating public videos for you. I am actively seeking more items of clothing, high heels, wigs, diapers etc.. Remember you can buy humiliating things that I have to wear in public from my amazon wishlist. I have to upload proof of me wearing anything that turns up from it in public so be as cruel as you want. The more humiliating it is the better the future videos will be so please visit the wishlist at:

More generally I am becoming more comfortable with my owned and locked status. MasterSirBoss is very powerful and does not suffer any whining about my locked state. It makes for a good dynamic. I get to suffer the possiblity of being locked in chastity forever whilst he gets to seel days to add to my chastity to benefit him and him alone. It is win, win for him. He is straight so has no need for my tiny faggot cock and at the same time he gets to profit from it. He also loves it when I have to wear the outfits I receive in public. He laughs at me big time which is extremely degrading.

Some of the videos of MASTER humiliating in person can be found below:

also at:

I am begging to think that I was a very stupid faggot to agree to this but I am stuck now so there is no turning back. I have to say though that the fact people keep buying days to add to my chastity is very humiling and shows how much you all want to see my chastity become permanent. I am very humbled by the evilness and the support of everyone as my journey continues.

To ensure I remain his bitch, MASTER has a major rule that affects my chastity duration. For every british pound he receives as an amazon gift card to his email a day is added to my chastity. If the remaining duration in chastity gets to 20 years remaining MASTER is making me watch him destroy the keys to make it permanent chastity. Are you really cruel enough to make me suffer this, the ultimate humiliation? My current release date is 25th April 2023

It is strange though, every time my duration clims closer to the 20 years remaining I get hornier and hornier. Why do I get so horny? Is it because it’s what I want or is it because I enjoy the control everyone across the world has over me?The rules are as follows:

Every £1 I send MasterSirBoss will continue to add a day to my chastity lock up.

Every £1 donated to from you to me in british pounds by amazon giftcard to then sent on by me to MasterSirBoss continues to add 1 day to my chastity lock up.

Every £1 MasterSirBoss receives in brish pounds by amazon giftcards to now also add one day to my chastity lock up.

In the event that my remaining duration in chastity reaches 20 years I Sissy Andrea agree that MasterSirBoss will have the right to destroy the key to my chastity belt if he so chooses therefore rendering my chastity permanent.

Those wishing to buy time to add to my chastity can do so in various ways:

Send amazon gift cards in BRITISH POUNDS to myself using the email

Send amazon gift cards in BRITISH POUNDS to directly to my MASTER MasterSirBoss using the email


How do I feel about these rule changes? To be honest I wasn’t expecting MASTER to be so strict with punishing me for being lapse with contact. I have to say it is very severe but I suppose that is why I let MASTER lock me in the first place. He is strict and he does not go back on his word. Since I know that to be true, I know full well that if the release date due in clock on my blogs hits 20 years remaining that he will indead destroy the key to leave me locked in the neosteel chastity belt permanently.

It is a very scary thought but it is also very exciting. I may feel very differently when I see him destroying the key though!

It’s been fun to see the number of followers I have on blogger and tumblr now. I seem to be becoming more famous lol. It is also great to chat on my twitter and has been good to connect with others in Southport, UK who are finding my humiliation fun. It would be good if they would be willing to film me doing public sissy tasks so the videos are better. Anyone in the area up for it can contact me on my skype: allanelmo81

MASTER is also looking for guys and gals who want to use this sissy’s amazon wishlist to send me sissy clothing for me to wear on my public sissy tasks. Be as cruel as you want. The wishlist is updated regularly and can be found at:

Follow me across social media:




About my MASTER MasterSirBoss:


26 Year Old Straight Brtish Chav, here to abuse you pathetic pieces of shit slaves, footworshippers, toilets, atms, popperwhores, leatherworshippers, Chav worshippers ,  Trainer Worshippers hand over my money those gifts what I deserve it is rightfully your purpose to serve Master!

My Master on Skype: mastersirboss12

My Master on Twitter: @ MasterSirBoss1

My Master on

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